Fabulous Budget House Designs Recycling Empty Cargo Containers

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recycling shipping containers for modern houses

Two story modern house design created with shipping containers


Container house design is one of the modern trends in affordable residential architecture. The inexpensive, unusual, and functional homes fascinate and delight with incredibly creative applications of the reuse and recycle ideas. Cargo container houses are cheap and original, offering fantastic opportunities for innovative designs that turn rectangular metal boxes into bright and modern home interiors.

Cowr presents cargo container houses to demonstrate how the recycling help turn useless items into comfortable, functional, spacious and beautiful homes. Cargo containers are perfect for creating open and roofed decks, porches, terraces and swimming pools, adding functional chic and unpretentious elegance to small residences.

Look at these gorgeous house designs which recycle cargo shipping containers. The ideas may inspire you to build a similar home or a cottage for yourself. Cargo containers offer fantastic opportunities to own a fishing cabin, a garden house or a getaway retreat in the mountains or forest. Also, empty shipping containers can create spacious and luxurious home designs.

Spectacular cargo container house design

Empty container house, cheap and durable modern houses

Cargo container houses

Modern home design recycling empty cargo containers

The approximate cost of the shipping container is $ 2,000 – 3, 000, and what you can do with a few empty cargo containers depends on your creativity and imagination.

Here are a few examples of creative and modern house design, the homes with bright rooms, large windows, and attractive outdoor living spaces. They demonstrate how smart recycling ideas can transform useless items into functional and beautiful homes.

Two-story modern home design created with shipping containers

Creative houses reuse shipping containers showing practical and attractive design ideas. Ordinary shipping containers in a rectangular shape can build luxury homes that are all different and very affordable.

Cargo container house design featuring bright and modern home interiors

These modern home designs provide great inspirations, surprise with unusual house exteriors and welcoming, comfortable, bright, and modern interiors.

House design with wooden deck and outdoor seating area

Large home recycling shipping containers

Spacious and modern interior design with glass walls wooden furniture

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  last updated: 12.07.2016


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