Unique Lighting Design by Bernd Unrecht, Adjustable Pendant Light Confessing to Fantasy

unique lighting design idea

Unique lighting design idea


Two unique lighting ideas show out new dimensions in energy-efficient lighting design. Many different lighting fixtures are possible to create with the moving luminaire arms of the 3×3 MACH 9 pendant lights, created by innovative designer from Germany , http://www.bernd-unrecht-lights.de

Users can unleash their fantasy with these pendant lights for creating customized hanging lamps. The inspiring lighting design feature energy efficient light source that create energy-saving contemporary lighting fixtures.

Bernd Unrecht designs lighting fixtures, inspired by new technology which allows to create a very soft, absolutely glare-free and pleasant light. The pendant lights look harmonious with flat elements, adding fantastic vibe to interior decorating in contemporary style.

Innovative adjustable pendant light

Adjustable pendant light

The lighting fixtures illuminate rooms with LED lights, providing versatile lighting design. The adjustable lighting disks on sides allow the user to change the form of these pendant lights and create fresh design in no time.

The pendant lights look interesting and playful. Their functionality and contemporary flair invites and encourage to experiment. White lamp shades are versatile and can easily match any interior decorating style.

Unique lighting design ideas

Unusual places for pendant lights

Pendant lighting fixtures, interior design trends

Unique lighting fixtures inspired by jellyfish

Unique lighting design idea

Innovative contemporary lighting fixture

  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 03.03.2013


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