Unique Furniture Design Idea Blends Music into Wooden Chairs

unique furniture design ideas, chair with strings

Unique furniture design ideas, wooden chair with strings that produce music


Echoism Chair designed by Jaeyoung Jang is an original and unique instrument for expressing various emotions. The chair looks like an art object that explores the world of emotions and tells the story of the environment, mood, mind and body.

The chair design allows to show the picture of the environment through beating, hitting, and plucking sounds, as a person relaxes and create the melodies with the body. The natural tones are heard with the heart, producing new stories of the body, mind, work, rest and sounds.

The contemporary chair encourages to create a melody which is natural for the body. This furniture design blends a musical instrument with a comfortable seat, made of natural wood material in light color, and offer unusual and interesting object to Feng Shui interior design.

Unique furniture design ideas, wooden chair with strings that produce music

Made ​​by young Korean designer Jaeyoung Jang the contemporary chair is experimental and interactive. Playing a few chords on the chair relaxes the body, and add meaning to this unique chair design.

Presenting a new innovative musical instrument, the chair fills the room with pleasant sounds, creating intimate atmosphere and offer a great piece of furniture, playful and interesting for kids and adults.

Chair and musical instrument

This chair allows not only relax, but enjoy composing tunes, experiencing the healing power of music, which is stimulating, surprising and inspiring.

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  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 22.10.2016


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