Textured Modern Tile Designs Down and Up Pico Creating Handmade Cement Look

ceramic tile designs

Ceramic tile designs that look like handmade cement


Pico tile designs are available with both glazed and unglazed surfaces, in two different sizes, shapes, in bright shades and three neutral colors. These modern tiles are designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec for Italian tile manufacturer, Mutina. They add a natural feel and a handmade cement look to modern interior design.

In the development of Pico, the natural characteristics of the ceramic have been preserved, giving Pico the raw appeal of traditional earthen floors or handmade cement. Textures are created with irregular and regular spots which are either positive or negative. The matte finish makes the floor and wall tiles smooth to the touch and give these modern tile designs a casual, but elegant appearance.

The floor and wall tile designs are unusual ceramic tiles with a surprising texture, perfect for traditional and contemporary interior design. The collection of modern tiles is available in three colors, – white, gray and sand. Composed of mineral mixtures, the floor and wall tiles feature attractive surface appearance, that adds substantial depth to modern interior design.

Textured, cement-like modern tile designs

Ceramic tile designs that look like handmade cement

Designers worked on two major surface textures – Down and Up. Bouroullec brothers say that they deliberately highlighted the natural texture, following modern interior design trends. They wanted to keep the feeling of a traditional earthen floor and wall designs, or substituted by handmade cement, allowing the material to show their natural appearance.

Modern tiles colors van vary, creating attractive and unique color combinations. Brighter shades, deep red and blue, blended with grayish brown color shades, add interest to floor and wall decoration. The use of colors activates relief, creates shadows and makes these floor and wall tiles feel colder or warmer.

Textured modern tile designs in neutral colors

The same tile designs in neutral colors, white, gray and sand, are excellent for adding depth while enhancing modern interior design in calm decorating colors. The ceramic tile is simple and unpretentious, they are ideal for floor and wall decoration and interior design in many stile. Durable and versatile material, modern tiles Pico that look like handmade cement, are designed to be suitable for interior and exterior floor and wall decoration, including heavy-traffic commercial flooring applications.

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The designers have suggested that Pico tile designs are great for public places such as restaurants and airports, and can add very decorative and stylish details to modern interior design in private homes and outdoor rooms.

  by Ena Russ   

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