Space Saving Ideas for Eco Homes, Modular Bathroom Design Concept, Thermal Bomb

small bathroom

Latest trends in space saving bathroom design, modular energy efficient contemporary bathroom


Modular bathroom design looks like a box created with several structural elements. The Thermal Bomb is a contemporary bathroom design concept offering an innovative space saving idea for contemporary homes. This unusual bathroom design features energy saving solutions. It uses humid air to heat the water making this bathroom energy efficient.

The box bathroom design with windows and glass doors are appealing and beautiful. The small bathroom creates an attractive private space for taking a shower. The modular bathroom design is versatile and suitable even for tiny spaces. It is an excellent alternative to traditional bathrooms. It is space saving, functional and convenient.

This modular bathroom design is developed by Clara del Portillo Pardo & Alejandro Selma Lázaro. The designers say that a tiny but well-designed, functional and comfortable bathroom box can be the best choice for cost-effective and energy saving eco homes.

Four small bathroom decorating ideas and color schemes

Micro small bathroom design ideas from Spiritual Mode

Modular small bathroom design

Latest trends in space saving bathroom design, modular energy efficient contemporary bathroom

Several modules create various models. Modular design offers different possibilities for creating a small bathroom, perfect for particular customer needs and adjustable to individual plans.

The modules allow modifying bathroom design and increasing its size while offering this creative, space-saving, and contemporary design which brings Green ideas into small homes.

Modular bathroom design for small spaces
Small bathroom made of few elements

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