Precious Olive Wood Creating The Millennial Console Tables Collection

solid wood furniture design, console tables with wooden top and metal frame


The Millennial Console is a collection of unusual console tables designed with large olive wood chunks and light metal frames. Using natural materials with all perfect imperfections, and creating a surprising combinations of innovative and original parts are the latest trends in decorating and modern furniture design.

Cowr shares these inspiring console table designs. Made of precious olive wood, these modern tables demonstrate the inspiring, eco friendly trends in decorating with recycled materials and creative furniture design. These modern tables with olive wood tops offer stylish and original furniture items that make a statement and delight with the simple beauty of organic shapes.

Recycling raw materials, like wood chunks, for fine furniture design helps to personalize interior decorating by adding interesting and spectacular furniture and decor accessories to modern interiors. Recycling is a smart way to preserve the environment and design eco friendly products for Green living and interior decorating in eco style.

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Recycling wood for modern tables

Recycling wood chunks for modern tables

The Millennial Console tables collection is created by designer Maximo Riera. Dried wood chunks of  millennial olive trees are varnished and placed on the original metal bases welded manually.

Grown in the southern Spain, the ancient olive trees offer a great, unique and beautiful material for modern tables. Numerous imperfections and rustic roughness of olive wood chunks add character to console tables and create spectacular furniture design.

Console tables with wooden tops and metal frames

These console tables are a blend of old traditions and new ideas, natural materials and innovative furniture design.

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The modern tables are eco friendly products for interior decorating that enhances contemporary chic with shapeless elegance of organic design and distinctive beauty of solid wood.

Rustic wood top created of large olive wood chunk

  by Ena Russ   


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