Polar Bear Tea Bag Holder, Contemporary Food Decoration and Design Ideas

polar bear tea bag holder, kitchen accessories and unique gift ideas


A charming polar bear with a tea bag add a beautiful detail to table decoration. Contemporary food design ideas and food decoration concepts bring fun and symbolic meanings into modern homes while allowing to personalize table decor. Cowr presents this new design idea which blends surprising and creative with functional.

Modern food design and food decoration ideas are often inspired by unexpected objects and unusual themes. Creative mind transform the surroundings with interesting and clever images bringing fun and joy into our life. There is the fishing polar bear with a tea bag for the bait which is original and charming.

These holders for tea bags are from Necktie. The small porcelain bear in white holds a fishing rod in the paws and designed to make the process of brewing hot tea more fun. Polar bears with fishing rods are the unique design idea envisioned by Japanese design studio Necktie.

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Polar Bear tea bag holders

Polar Bear tea bag holder, creative kitchen accessories and unique gift ideas

The design is called Shirokuma. The polar bear is sitting on a small circular surface, which covers  the tea cup to keep the drink warm and provide a handy surface for sugar cubes, cookies and candies.

The tea bag holders are great kitchen accessories that make wonderful gifts for kids and adults, personalizing the experience and adding interesting details to any table decor.

Polar bears with fishing rods

  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 07.10.2016


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