Plastic Recycling for Frumpy Chairs, Unique Furniture Baked in Pizza Oven

Unique furniture design idea for plastic recycling

Ordinary plastic chairs are little brothers of wood furniture that repeat familiar forms and add comfortable seating to modern interior design. Contemporary plastic chairs designed by Jamie Wolfond look very unusual, weird and amusing, demonstrating unique furniture pieces baked in a pizza oven.

The Frumpy Chairs do not look like ordinary plastic furniture. These unique furniture pieces are created using a very unusual method. Their distorted shapes are spiced up by colorful plastic that was used for creating these strange plastic chairs.

The process by which these plastic chairs are made is truly unusual and innovative. Designer Jamie Wolfond poured plastic regrind (ground up rejects of failed injection-molded parts that would otherwise go to waste) into a fire-proof silicone pattern and heated it in a pizza oven.

Plastic recycling for unique furniture

Unique furniture design idea for plastic recycling

After heating the plastic to its melting point, the designer slumped the mold over a crude form, letting the plastic determine the final look of innovative plastic chairs.

The process of creating these plastic furniture pieces and artistic distortions of the final products make the plastic chairs look unique and interesting artworks.

Unique furniture made from plastic

Blending plastic and wood, two modern furniture design ideas

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Plastic chairs created of plastic waste
Colorful plastic material for unique furniture design

  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 16.01.2013

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