Modern Interior Design and Decorating with Vintage Salvaged Wood

modern interior design and decorating with reclaimed wood

Fireplace design with reclaimed wood


Modern interior design and decorating with vintage wood and wooden furniture looks stylish and comfortable, warm and inviting. Beautiful color contrasts that salvaged wood pieces and vintage furniture create with light room colors make modern interiors feel interesting and classy. Cowr presents a wonderful project by American designers with Margaret Donaldson Interiors that create spectacular living spaces with vintage wood elements.

Salvaged wood and wooden furniture are fabulous elements of modern interior design and decorating. Old wood ceiling beams and fireplace designs, bed headboards and dark wood furniture create beautiful interior design, blending all brown colors into rooms.

These modern interiors are designed with a touch of eclectic style, mixing light and dark neutral colors, and emphasizing the elegance of beige. Salvaged wood and dark wood furniture create something very special about the interior design that calls to people.

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Modern interior design and decorating with old wood

Modern living room design with fireplace wall made with salvaged wood

Fireplace mantels, decorative wall panels, ceiling designs and bed headboard ideas that incorporate salvaged wood, whether it be regal and ornate or primitive and unadorned, look stunning and unique.

One great way to make interior design and decorating stand out is to use salvaged wood in creative ways. Unconventional approaches for modern interior design that bring reclaimed wood pieces and blend them with modern items create truly beautiful and original living spaces.

Fireplace design with reclaimed wood

Salvage wood and vintage furniture made with natural wood are the perfect ways to capture attention without spending a lot of money on new materials and home furnishings, add a personal touch and timeless elegance to modern interior design and decorating.

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Vintage furniture, dining table  and chairs made with dark wood

Unique vintage furniture design

Beautiful dining room decorating with wooden furniture in vintage style

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Photographs by Joshua Drake Photography.

  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 13.10.2017


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