Modern Interior Design and Decor With Medieval Monastery Vibe

conversion design and decor ideas for monastery interior redesign


Modern interior design and decor ideas inspired by modest furnishings of Medieval monasteries look stylish and fresh. Comfortable  hotel rooms decorated in elegant style inspired by the atmosphere of a monastery feel very beautiful, contemporary and interesting. Cowr presents interior design and decor ideas from designers Patry Zhyuin and Sanjay Munk from Agence Jouin Manku.

Abbey de Fontevraud conversion is not a classic hotel. Its rooms, restaurant and public spaces are uniquely designed and decorated, blending simplicity and chic with comfort and elegance, creating a fascinating fusion of styles. Modern interior design and decor ideas connect the old traditions and modernity. The hotel rooms and public spaces are a creative reflection of the history of Saint-Lazare monastery.

These modern interior design and decor ideas are meaningful and symbolic, emotional and sensual, simple and sophisticated. The stunning renovation and interior redesign project gave new life to ancient buildings and enhanced architectural designs. Modern ideas are enriched by contemporary decor ideas, presenting a stunning fusion of styles and offering attractive and unusual interiors.

Modern interiors with Medieval monastery vibe

Unique interior design and decor ideas in neutral colors, monastery conversion design

Modern interior design and decor ideas include creative details and simple natural materials, elegant lighting and natural room colors. Wood, metal and decorative fabrics in pleasant colors add comfortable textures to modern interiors and create a serene atmosphere.

The relaxing and calming interior design and decor ideas, combined with elegant and classy architectural designs complement and emphasize the meaningful and historic building, offering a great place to stay, relax and calm down.

Small church conversion project creating modern home interiors behind vintage stone walls

Anglican church conversion creating spacious and modern home interiors in contemporary style

Unique furniture design, wooden furniture

Modern interiors created in monastery

Unique lighting fixtures and wooden furniture

Modern interior design and decor for dining area

Simple small bedroom design

  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 15.09.2014


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