Modern Ideas, Crumbled and Knitted Porcelain Tableware Designs in Contemporary Style

crumbled and knitted surfaces, modern tableware and porcelain vases for interior decorating


Crumbled tableware and decor accessories, like flower pots, fruit holders and decorative vases, reflect the latest trends in contemporary ceramic designs, bringing fresh ideas, surprising texture and style into modern interior decorating. Cowr presents a collection of creative porcelain tableware and decor accessories manufactured on porcelain factory Piebalgas Porcelana Fabrika in Latvia.

Very interesting, stylish and unique creations, white porcelain tableware and decor accessories, look amazing. The combination of unusual design with old European traditions of making white porcelain tableware sets produce fabulous, elegant and contemporary thin-walled bone china and decor accessories for modern and unique interior decorating.

A group of enthusiasts led by artist Janis Ronis opened a small shop in a former Soviet dairy plant. Motivated by the idea of ​​reviving the original traditions of famous Latvian porcelain tableware, they started to produce exceptional and interesting items for dining room and home decorating.

Unusual bed design with crumbled upholstery fabric

Top 11 tableware design trends adding unique accents to modern table setting

Porcelain tableware and decor accessories in contemporary style

Porcelain tableware and decorative vases in contemporary style

Handmade tableware sets, cups, mugs, plates and decorative vases look gorgeous, blending crumbled surfaces with classy porcelain material. Piebalgas quickly gained respect and got introduced to European customers.

Crumbled porcelain tableware items and decor accessories from Piebalgas Porcelana Fabrika are eco friendly handmade and unique products sold in Latvia , England and Germany.

Handmade white tableware items and decorative vases

These unusual and modern items are ideal for contemporary table setting and adding eye-catching accents to modern interior decorating.

Modern dinnerware sets for contemporary table setting

Cartoccio Collection of modern tableware and decorative home accessories

All porcelain designs are unique, as it is required 19 different operations to create these handmade tableware and decor accessories. Each month, the factory produces no more than 2000 items that blend exclusive, truly European and traditional techniques with fresh and contemporary design ideas.

Unique wall decoration, porcelain envelope with crumbled surface
Crumbled cup and saucer set in white
Decorative vase in white with knitted textures surface

  by Ena Russ   


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