Modern Houses Surrounded by Trees, Architectural Appeal and Health Benefits of Green Living

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Contemporary house design with glass


Beautiful homes surrounded by mature trees have a unique appeal and create the Green environment, ideal for people. The architectural designs benefit from lush greenery, but also people, living in modern houses built among trees, boost immunity and improve health, according to recent scientific reports. Green living spaces, gardens with mature trees and shrubs make us happy. The attractive look of modern architectural designs, comfort, and functionality of beautiful homes and greenery work wonders.

Modern house designs which connect dwellers to the natural environment and allow to experience green plants are perfect for human beings. Our bodies react to green surroundings in many positive ways, scientists say. Living in houses surrounded by lush vegetation and spending time outside bring amazing benefits of healing.

Modern house designs

Cinder block home surrounded by trees

Forests and extensive gardens with mature trees and shrubs have immune-boosting powers. Modern houses built in the forests or on large sites with trees look attractive and provide the lifestyle for preventing sickness. When people breathe in the woods and parks, they inhale a cocktail of bioactive substances released by plants. Emitted from leaves, pine needles, shrubs, herbs, mosses, and bark of trees the terpenes get inside the lungs and benefit human health.

Forest cottages and modern houses surrounded by green tranquility

Beautiful lakefront home and yard with mature trees

Garden-like setting and contemporary house design

Living in an elegant and functional dwelling is comfortable and prestigious. The modern architectural designs in garden-like settings offer ideal living spaces for people. The knowledge of the health benefits changes the way people look at homes and gardens. Trees and shrubs become essential parts of modern house designs connecting people with nature and creating one giant living system where all elements breath and communicate. The aesthetic appeal of gorgeous trees around the houses and immune system benefits make these healthy homes perfect for living.

Mature trees around the house, tiled driveway

The terpenes turn air into a healing elixir people inhale. They strengthen human bodies and the immune system. Green plants help people deal with stress, create the pleasant atmosphere, blend the dwellings with nature, and beautify house designs. Those who live in the forest or near parks and gardens develop a natural power to protect their bodies from cancer cells.

Green wall design idea

Metal and glass house design creating bright home interiors

Fall colors beautifying house designs throughout the vibrant season

Attractive modern houses built among trees are fabulous ways to enjoy a healthy life. Trees provide spectacular backgrounds for buildings and emphasize the elegant beauty of modern homes. Also, trees and shrubs bring enormous, long-lasting health benefits to people living in places surrounded by vegetation.

Two story house in pine forest

Green building, Ell Residence in Beverly Hills, modern house design by Domaen

Green building, roof garden, modern apartments in Korea

Modern house design, wooden exterior walls

Lakefront home in forest

Contemporary house design with glass

House design featuring glass walls

Nemo Residence in Florida, modern house by Phil Kean Designs

SH House, European design

Contemporary home with glass walls and panoramic views

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  last updated: 20.02.2018


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