Modern House Design, Green Living and Landscaping Ideas for Indoor Spaces and Yards

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wood interior design

Beautiful interior design, wood, indoor garden


Modern house designs merge outdoors and home interiors, blending natural materials and creating open living spaces that look like a garden. Landscaping ideas bring rocks and beach pebbles inside enhancing the modern interior design with miniature gardens. The contemporary design is offering inspiring landscaping with rocks and plants. Have a look at the home interiors and spectacular outdoor living spaces.

Here is a beautiful home design by , Like two wings, these modern spaces overlook the garden. Open home interiors decorated with wood are stylish and comfortable.

Modern houses surrounded by trees, benefits of Green living

Unique dome, house design celebrating Green ideas

Contemporary home with rooftop gardens

Contemporary house design

Contemporary house design, modern home interiors decorated with wood, indoor garden

The living room and master bedroom designs open to the yard. The landscaping ideas connect home interiors with the pool area. Concrete, glass, rocks, and wooden elements create beautiful contrasts building garden-like home interiors and yard with terraces and platforms.

Modern interiors

Wood kitchen design in contemporary style

Open living spaces

Beautiful interior design, wood, indoor garden

Wooden walls, contemporary living room furniture

Innovative home interiors decorated with wood

Yard landscaping ideas

Front door and garage

Semi in-ground swimming pool design with terraces

Wood patio, concrete cover

Yard landscaping, patio ideas

Connecting indoor and outdoor living spaces

Photography by Mauricio Fuertes

  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 09.03.2018


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