Inspiring Cake Decoration Ideas, Cute Centerpieces and Creative Treats Designs

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Instead of conventional cake baking, creative designs turn ordinary sweet treats into contemporary artworks made for exciting events and celebrations. Beautiful and colorful cake decoration ideas create fabulous animals to party tablescapes which surprise and delight kids and adults. Eye-catching cakes, fine details, and food colors produce beautiful centerpieces and gifts which enhance a happy party atmosphere and create unforgettable memories.

Original confections look like stuffed toys bringing the adorable theme to jazz up special events and table decoration. These amazing cakes provide great inspirations that come from tales, cartoons, and real life. Reading kids books and playing with children inspires like nothing else.

Cute animal cake by Susanne Ng

From teddy bears, snowmen, turtles, and monkeys to smiling cartoons characters designed on cakes, these cheerful decoration ideas bring joy into life. Some cakes are relatively quick and easy to make, and other designs are time-consuming and crafty. However, customized cake decoration is a fantastic way of creating something extraordinary and unique.

Playful dots and beautiful food design ideas

Creative food decoration ideas for healthy snacks

Fabulous colors of unusual watermelon meals

Sweet look and taste, fluffy texture and delicious aroma create beautiful artworks blending low-sugar content, healthy ingredients with original food design ideas. The fascinating cake decorations transform party tables, bringing the super decorative details into traditional tea party decor.

Eagle cake, bird theme in cake decoration

Fish cake design in green and orange colors

Dog cake decoration

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  last updated: 28.09.2017


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