Handmade Easter Candles Making Fabulous Gifts and Table Accents

colorful easter ideas for egg shaped handmade candles

Red egg candle with golden angel


Colorful handmade candles make beautiful gifts and table decorations on Easter. Eggs are the symbol of this spring holiday. The egg-shaped candles are a cheap, but surprising and original way to brighten up your home in Spring and celebrate Easter themes. Creative painting designs, cheerful colors, and carving turn wax into gorgeous centerpieces.

Handmade egg candles with chickens, flowers, leaves, bunnies, important letters or symbols make unique gifts and accents for spring table decoration. Eggs are the symbol of rebirth and a new beginning, and egg-shaped candles bring the spirit of the spring holiday into homes.

Adding unique designs enhances the elegant charm of these Easter souvenirs. Hand painted or hand carved Easter candles amaze and delight. The bright color combinations of white and blue, yellow and white, green and blue, red and gold colors make these decorations look festive and exciting.

Recycling egg shells for miniature vases, Easter decorations

Small plants and flowers in egg shells, spring decorating ideas

Acrylic paints and carved designs add personality to the gifts and turn wax candles into beautiful symbolic gifts created with love. If you pack an egg candle in a bright bag and decorate it, you will make an excellent gift for your loved ones on Easter.

Egg candles in yellow and white

The fire of a candle fascinates and helps relax. The scented and decorated handmade candles bring beauty and peace into homes. They create a romantic atmosphere and warm up any interior, offering universally appealing gifts.

Egg candles with ethnic decoration patterns

Green egg candle with flowers

Colorful designs for egg candles

Egg shells used for candles

Easter ideas for candle carving

Handmade candle gifts

Egg candles with colorful flowers

Eggs candles centerpiece idea

Egg candles for table decoration

Egg-shaped candle with carved butterflies

Easter table centerpiece with eggs and candles

Wax candle carving ideas

Striped egg-shaped candles

Decorative candles in metal candle holders

Red egg-shaped candle with golden angel

Colorful candles for Easter

Egg candles with religious images

Egg candles with flowers

Handmade candles in egg shells

Colorful egg candles with stripes

Easter eggs candles in white and yellow

Chicken and egg candle

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  last updated: 28.09.2017


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