Empty Container House Design by Adam Kalkin Creating Large Modern Home

cargo shipping container house design

Container house design with balconies, large windows and court yard


Old Lady House design by architect Adam Kalkin is an amazing project that turned empty cargo shipping containers into a beautiful and modern home. Building with cargo containers is one of fast and cheap ideas for constructing houses on a budget. Perfect for warm climates, these modern houses can be designed for cold winter too.

American architect Adam Kalkin enjoyed the one of his most successful projects called the Old Lady House. The house design features two structures built with three empty shipping containers. The have large windows inviting natural light into home interiors.

Shipping containers became popular house design material which looks great when combined with wood, glass, concrete, corrugated metal and steel elements. The frame made with steel adds a contemporary vibe to this cargo shipping containers home, while wood bring warmth into industrial like home interiors.

Empty container house design, cheap ideas for building modern houses

Cargo container house design with bright home interiors in contemporary style

Modular cargo container house design in eco style

Shipping container house design

Modern house design recycling empty cargo shipping containers, stone patio with outdoor furniture

Large kitchen bar design and spacious interior decorating create the beautiful living spaces for cooks who appreciate the beauty of natural surroundings. Modern, functional and attractive work surfaces the windows with the forest views can make everyone happy.

Two huge sofas and a fireplace create cozy and comfortable living room design. A compact dining nook design is enhanced by a window with a nice view. Small bathroom design is elegant and functional. All furnishings are arranged compactly and efficiently utilizing available living spaces.

Container house design with balconies, large windows and court yard
Space saving interior design, modern kitchen and living room area
Spacious bedroom design with sliding balcony doors
Container house exterior design with large windows and sliding doors

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