Bespoke Bed Beautifully Crafted with Unfinished Plywood

Carved wood bed design

This bed is made with plywood and looks beautiful. The wooden bed shows off amazing craftsmanship, blending artistic imagination with warm natural material. Cowr presents the bed design which was created to enhance contemporary apartment ideas developed by Studio ,

The wooden bed is a nice mix of a classic shape and unique details created with plywood. The nightstand is simply elegant, but does not take any attention away from the bed. The relief pattern is traditional, but the bed design has a modernistic vibe.

Unfinished plywood gives the bed a contemporary look, turning a traditional bedroom furniture piece into an amazing decoration. The unfinished plywood bed creates a great centerpiece and bring a gorgeous craft into modern bedroom decorating.

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Unfinished plywood bed

Unfinished plywood bed and nightstand

Great for any modern bedroom decorating, the bed can transform any space, surprising with intricate carved wood pattern and elegant classic look.

Carved wood bed design

  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 05.07.2015

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