20 Creative Ideas to Reuse and Recycle for DIY Modern Tables

Modern tables can be created with car tires and reclaimed wood pieces, plastic or metal serving trays and salved wood windows, basically anything you may home in your home or yard. Cowr offers unique DIY table design ideas to delight and inspire handmade furniture design fans.

Modern tables look unique, interesting and innovative when these furniture pieces are made out of unusual materials. Modern living room furniture and outdoor furniture design allows to combine traditional shaped with Green ideas, turning clutter and junk into beautiful, functional and stylish decor.

Industrial objects add character to modern tables. Old radiators and reels, used car tires and heavy springs provide great elements for modern table design. Wooden and metal pieces, plastic serving trays and even car windows can be used to reuse and recycle for creating unusual and modern tables.

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Handmade modern tables made of recycled items

Glass top coffee table made with old iron radiator

Home renovation provides lots of materials that can be recycled for new furniture. Books, baskets and plastic containers make nice frames and legs for glass top or wooden coffee tables.

Old doors and windows can be turned into modern tables also. Diy enthusiasts reuse and recycle junk car parts, aircraft windows, wings and other structural elements for new, unique and eco friendly furniture design.

Old car tires used for Moroccan poufs and coffee table design

Old car tires make wonderful side tables, poufs, ottomans and coffee tables. Any industrial items, decorated with natural rope, can be used as a unique table base. Logs and reclaimed wood pieces provide natural and attractive materials for creating modern tables and experimenting with stool design. Small wheels added to modern tables greatly improve functional and elegantly simple furniture design.

Modern tables with miniature garden and glass

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Unique coffee tables made out of tree logs and stumps are fantastic alternatives for all who appreciate green living ideas. Wicker baskets, wooden crates and reclaimed wood boxes, books or piles of magazines and salvaged wood pallets provide great elements for eco friendly design and add personality to modern tables.

Birch logs coffee table in wheels
Modern tables made of large tree stumps painted white
Recycling car tires and natural rope for small coffee table
Recycling wood pallets for coffee table with storage

  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 23.10.2016

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