11 Bathroom Design Trends in Modern Sinks and Vanities

latest trends in bathroom fixtures

Contemporary bathroom sinks with LED lights, Silenzio


Modern bathroom design creates a chic atmosphere by adding spectacular details to bathrooms, which turn functional rooms into sanctuaries. Using geometric shapes and patterns, gorgeous colors and stylish neutral tones are beautiful trends in bathroom decorating. Modern bathroom design combines innovative fixtures with novel decorating ideas and creates pleasant and comfortable rooms. Stylish bathroom sinks are fabulous decorations that brighten up the functional rooms. Choosing the right sink allows achieving attractive and functional design effortlessly.

Bathrooms are small spaces that people use every day. The importance of convenient and modern interior design is undoubted. Bathroom sinks are essential elements of beautiful bathroom designs. From bright to sophisticated and elegant, modern sinks and vanities have long gone beyond their functionality, bringing superb advanced designs into homes. The contemporary and original details brighten up and style the functional rooms, transform dull bathrooms into luxurious relaxation areas, and create an inviting atmosphere in small spaces.

Unique geometric basin

There are many remarkable sinks and vanities on the market, so it is not easy to recognize the recent models unless you are familiar with the latest trends in modern bathroom design. Look for beautiful decoration patterns which adorn contemporary basins. Consider white and black sinks offering sophisticated ideas for modern bathroom remodeling and design. Colorful sinks, basins made of natural stone, wood, glass, and metals are fabulous trends in bathroom design also.

Modern interior design trends, bright coziness, and frugal luxury

30 luxury shower designs showing latest trends in modern bathrooms

Design trends in bathroom sinks

Cowr reveals the top 10 bathroom sink trends and publishes the collection of gorgeous, innovative, and stylish designs. They will help select the latest models and bring novelty into your bathrooms. If you like a classy bathroom sink, there are fabulous white ceramic basins on the market. This modern trend brings many beautiful white sinks which are mistake-proven, universally appealing, versatile, and timelessly elegant solutions for large and small bathrooms.

Modern bathroom sinks made of natural materials

1. Natural materials

Onyx sink with LED lights, natural materials in modern bathroom design

2. Corian sinks

Integrated Corian sinks are everywhere. The countertop and sink merge seamlessly creating a chic, clean look in a bathroom.  They come in a wide range of styles and colors, duplicating many designs seen in ceramic models.

Modern Corian bathroom sink, rectangular shape

Double sink vanity

3. Ornaments and modern decoration patterns

Blue flower bathroom sink with golden details

Round sink with black and white ornaments

4. Black sinks

Black and white sink with ornaments

Black sink vanity with shelves

5. 2-in-1 sink designs

Two-in-one sink vanity

Double sink vanity with large drawers

6. Double sink vanities

Classy double sink cabinet with drawers, large wall mirror

Modern bathroom design with two sinks

7. Compact designs for small bathrooms

Small corner sink for small bathroom design

Small sink and wall mirror

8. Original basin designs

Unusual sink

Unique sink design

9. Free standing sinks

Cup sink and modern bathroom lighting

Contemporary bathroom sink, free standing design

10. Creative sinks and vanities

River sink design

Modern sink vanity, large wall mirror

11. Advanced bathroom sinks with LED lights

Elegant bathroom sink with light

Contemporary bathroom sinks with LED lights, Silenzio

  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 28.09.2017

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