Creative designs, latest trends, modern colors and recycling ideas
for Green and beautiful homes


Cheap Ideas to Refresh your Interior Design and Decor, Home Staging Tips

The modern interior design is an art most people admire. Design and decor professionals can turn any living spaces into beautiful,…


Ethnic Motifs and Room Colors to Enhance 2019 Interior Trends in Decorating

Ethnic interior decorating includes distinct patterns, color combinations, and folk art. They bring life into modern interiors with kaleidoscopic colors and…


Modern Kitchen Colors, Beige and Natural Wood Shades

Modern kitchen colors can transform your space on a dime. The latest color trends bring cool tones and warm shades of…


Inspiring Photographs of Dogs Showing Connection and Personality

Photographs of dogs are great inspirations, especially in 2018. It is the year of the Dog, according to Chinese calendars. Tolerance…


15 Fresh Ideas for Creative Room Decorating with Photographs

Photography is one of the best forms of art. Photographs catch unique moments and create memories forever. Room decorating with pictures…


Modern Bedroom Designs and the Latest Trends in Decorating for 2019

A bedroom is a unique room in a house. The room design is for relaxation and enjoyment. Modern bedroom design trends…


Beautiful Small Home Interiors Blending Coziness with Modernist Vibe

A small house can look beautiful, inviting into cozy home interiors and surprising with a spacious feel. This stylish Brunswick West…


Latest Trends, Modern Bathroom Design in Neutral Colors

Modern bathroom design calls for clutter-free, airy, and bright ideas. Soft contrasts, neutral colors, white decorating ideas with vibrant accents, luxurious…


Recycling Metal and Wood for Unusual Home Decorating

Recycling comes so naturally to creative and artistic people. Packaging, old furniture, metal cans, salvaged wood, and fabrics are fabulous materials…


Door Decoration Ideas Adding the Final Touch to Mid Century Modern Homes

Door decoration with bright color and unique details are beautiful ways to personalize mid-century modern homes. Also, door handles can give…


Sliding Home Organizers for Mops and Brooms, Space Saving Storage Solutions

Sliding cabinets and carts are perfect home organizers for small spaces. The vertical cabinets and sliding racks offer stylish, space-saving ideas…


Space Saving Pets Beds, DIY Dog Nooks Perfect for Small Spaces

Space-saving ideas for pets beds can help maximize your small spaces and create comfortable nooks for your pets. DIY pet beds…



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